28-Bike Indoor Cycling Studio and Room to Spare

Spin Class & Indoor Cycling Studio

Safety and Wellness

Our Member’s safety and well being is of paramount importance to us. With a Spin Class running all day, we ensure that each bike as 6 feet between riders. The days of being crammed into a sweaty, muggy spin class are long gone.  Social distancing has created a revolution in the fitness industry and PowerCo Fitness Complex is leading the way.

The Experience

With twenty-eight (28) state-of-the-art, connected Life Fitness IC7 Indoor Cycling Spin Bikes, our spin class will be like no other class you have experienced. Expert instruction, a massive video wall, booming sound system and multi-colored mood lighting to match the pace will make your ride unforgettable.

The IC7 Power Trainer Indoor Cycle

The award-winning IC7 Indoor Cycle combines a new sleek design, a two-stage drivetrain and an engaging digital experience. An extremely accurate WattRate Direct Power Meter, Coach By Color intensity guide for user and instructor, and precise 300-degree magnetic resistance make the IC7 a one-of-a-kind indoor cycle.

With greater power accuracy, wattage and performance data than any other indoor cycle, the IC7 delivers superior results for facilities running cycle-specific coaching, high-intensity interval training and endurance training.

For those riders who want to spin outside the group setting, there are six (6) IC7 Power Trainer Indoor Cycle on the 20,000 indoor main floor cardio center.

The Challenge

Each spin class is designed to push riders of every fitness level to redefine the limits of their own personal potential. Amazing instructors bring you through hill climbs, long sprints and a varied workout to create a fun and motivating experience so you can accomplish your fitness goals faster.

PowerCo Fitness Complex Ultraviolet Protection

PowerCo Ultraviolet Protection

Setting A New Standard In Member Safety

Group Training Room Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilization

We put our money where our mouth is when it comes to Member safety. Each of our group training rooms, including the Spin Studio, GroupX and PowerDojo is sterilized after each class using state-of-the art UV lamps.

Our engineers helped us to design a UV system for our group training rooms to sterilize 99.9% of known pathogens like viruses (including Covid 19, MERS, SARS, H1N1, Influenza and others) and bacteria (including staphylococcus) and hundreds more that can cause sickness and disease.


Facility-Wide Ultraviolet (UV) HVAC Protection

In addition to the UV protection we provide in each group training room, the entire PowerCo Training Complex Indoor Facility HVAC system is protected by ultraviolet lamps. With an extensive array or UV lights guarding our air exchange system, all of the air returning to the facility passes through a UV lamp to sterilize most known airborne pathogens.

Finally, you can train with confidence knowing that the air you breathe inside the PowerCo Training Complex is clean and safe.

How Does it Work?

After each class, our Member wipes down his or her equipment with our hospital grade sterilization wipes. Once our Members have exited the room, the Instructor unlocks and activates the UV timer module. After the room is empty and the door is shut, the UV system activates for 10 minutes to bathe the entire room in a powerful UV light that sterilizes any remaining pathogens in the air or on the surface of the equipment and floor.

When the sterilization is complete, the room is ready for a new class who can be confident that their equipment is clean, sterile and ready for a safe, intense training experience.

Our facility-wide UV system is always on guard providing fresh, clean, healthy air so our Members can train hard and with confidence.


Breath Easy | Train Hard

Prepare Yourself

Training Begins Spring 2021