20,000sf Main Training Floor

38,500sf Under Roof | Hammer Strength Plate Loaded  | Turf | Self-Powered Cardio | Spin Room | Group Fitness | Mat Room | CryoRecovery

38,500sf Functional Fitness Training Under Roof

The PowerCo Fitness Complex is a 38,500sf advanced, functional fitness facility focused on training athletes based on core principles that drive all superior athletic performance. The 30,000sf main floor is the primary athletic performance center stacked with Hammer Strength functional fitness equipment, 6,000sf of indoor turf, self-powered cardio machines and best-of-breed gear, advanced spin studio, spacious GroupX room, expansive locker rooms and the CryoRecovery Room.


Core Performance Principles

Strength | Speed | Agility | Endurance | Flexibility


The PowerCo Fitness Complex is a turn-key Olympic-style training functional fitness facility for strength and conditioning, track and field, and that PowerCo Athlete seeking a professionally-managed, state-of-the-art-training facility where the drive to excel outstrips the will to quit.

PowerCo Athletes and parents will be able to access a single fitness facility, including the PowerCo Outdoor Training Grid (POG)  that meets each of their functional fitness training requirements. Whether you are Veteran, Active Duty Military, Police, Fire, part of the Crossfit® or Tough Mudder® crowd or seeking a serious training complex to improve your athletic performance, The PowerCo Fitness Complex and our experienced trainers are a place that you can call home. Athletes at every level of performance will be able to get the sport-specific strength and conditioning that is necessary to be successful in a competitive environment.


Athletic Performance: Designed for Excellence

20,000sf Main Training Floor

  • Dedicated RKC Russian Kettlebell Training Section
  • Functional Fitness Facility Areas for Olympic and CrossFit-style training
  • Hammer Strength and best-of-breed equipment
  • Over 6,000sf of indoor turf for speed and agility training, sled pulls and related training
  • Olympic-level timing equipment for competitive analysis
  • Group Spin Room
  • Climbing Walls
  • On-site, certified strength, speed and agility coaches

10,000sf Group Training, Lockers & Admin

  • Men’s and Women’s Shower and Locker Room
  • 20-Bike Spin Studio
  • GroupX  – High Intensity Interval Training & OrangeTheory-Style Training
  • CryoRecovery Room
    • Physical rehabilitation, on-site treatment center
    • Cryo-Therapy
    • Hydromassage
    • Infrared Sauna

8,500sf Mezzanine/Upper Deck

  • The PowerCo Fitness Complex Power Dojo holds three full-size 42x42ft mats with over 5,200sf of dedicated mat room for Wrestling, Martial Arts and Open Mat time
  • Rope Climbs and Wall Boards
  • Heavy-Bag Group Training
  • Power Rigs, bumper plates, and loads of functional fitness equipment to make an efficient, serious training experience.

The PowerCo Fitness Complex is focused on delivering a state-of-the-art training for use by local and regional athletic clubs and our PowerCo Athletes.

Where The PowerCo Athlete Trains To Win

Prepare Yourself

Training Begins Spring 2021