Cryotherapy Recovery Room

Cryotherapy | Hydromassage | Infrared Sauna

Cryotherapy | HydroMassage | Infrared Sauna

A post-workout recovery session to prepare your muscles for another round is essential to maximize growth and prevent injury. The Recovery Room provides state-of-the-art cryotherapy, hydromassage and infrared sauna to speed healing after a maximum effort in our state-of-the art spin room or Power Outdoor Grid.

With two (2) Cryoinnovations XR Cryosaunas, the athlete will be able to begin the healing process with cold therapy.

Cryotherapy helps with weight loss

When we’re exposed to extreme cold temperatures, our bodies experience something called thermogenesis. This is a metabolic response that warms the body by creating more mitochondria. Our body’s tissues convert into metabolically active tissues and the increased levels of these metabolically active tissues in our bodies help our bodies burn more fat.

Cryotherapy enhances the brain

Whenever our bodies undergo extreme stress, for example when we exercise, go in a sauna, or fast, it responds on a cellular level, triggering cellular responses that exceed what is actually needed to protect itself. One of the side-effects of cold therapy is the secretion of the hormone and neurotransmitter norepinephrine which is responsible for attention, focus, vigilance, and positive mood.

Cryotherapy improves athletic performance

If you work out hard you know that shortly after an intense exercise, the body goes through a pro-inflammatory process. Our bodies eventually counter this with an anti-inflammatory response but when timed right, cryotherapy done just in time after an intense workout (not too soon and not too long), will yield optimal recovery benefits.

The Recovery Room is the perfect place to finish an intense workout and part of our commitment to providing the tools for each athlete to optimize her or her athletic performance.

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