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Core Performance Principles

Strength  |  Speed  |  Agility  |  Endurance  | Flexibility


PowerCo Fitness Complex is a 38,500sf advanced training facility with emphasis on functional fitness throughout the indoor training complex and massive outdoor training grid. Athletes train based on the listed core principles that drive all superior athletic performance.

Based on U.S. Navy Seal training and U.S. Marine Corps combat training principles and sitting on just over three acres, PowerCo Fitness Complex is an advanced, indoor/outdoor, high-intensity advanced training facility designed to push each PowerAthlete to his or her physical and mental limits. With approximately 38,500sf under roof and a massive outdoor training arena, PowerCo Fitness Complex is not simply another gym or health club. We are an Olympic-style training facility designed to cultivate the PowerAthlete mindset in athletes regardless of athletic discipline.

Martial arts and combat sport athletes, e.g., Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mui Thai, Karate, Kick Boxing, Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, and related disciplines, work in the dedicated 8,500sf mat and fitness training space called the Power Dojo, one of the largest dedicated, commercially operated mat space facilities of its kind in the Southwestern United States.

With particular emphasis on the CrossFit®, Tough Mudder®, power lifting, speed and strength training, functional fitness athletes train in a 38,500sf, state-of-the-art, indoor training facility. Rubber flooring and indoor turf provides space for multi-disciplinary training. Performance measurement and timing equipment closes the feedback loop so that each athlete has objective statistics on which he or she can continue to improve by changing speed and strength training protocols.

The dedicated PowerCo Fitness Complex – Outdoor Training Grid (POG) differentiates PowerCo Fitness Complex from nearly all other private gyms and training facilities in the United States. With approximately 17,000sf of outdoor turf, a 150yd obstacle course and a 1/4 mile varied-elevation track, athletes train outdoors without having to fight the distractions or face the risks associated with running on an open sidewalk or street. The POG provides a unique, previously unavailable, training tool for all serious speed and strength training athletes. Few, if any, private strength training facilities in the  United States other than PowerCo Fitness Complex allows the CrossFit®, Tough Mudder® and functional fitness athlete to train like they compete. Loaded hill climbs, 60yd sled pulls on turf and a dedicated obstacle course will test each athlete mentally and physically to the point of failure.

PowerCo Fitness Complex is focused on delivering a clean, safe, state-of-the-art advanced training facility for use by local and regional athletic clubs and the PowerAthlete who is driven to excel.


PowerCo Development Group designed this project with excellence in mind.


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Training Begins Fall 2021