Offering Opens June 15, 2020

PowerCo Outdoor Grid (pog)

150M Obstacle Racing Course – 1/3 mile outdoor track – 16,000sf of outdoor turf

38,500sf Facility

Developing World-Class Athletes Through Functional Fitness, Strength, Speed and Agility Training.

8,500sf PowerDojo Mat Room

Three full-size wrestling mats and functional fitness equipment for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & mat-sport athletes

Group Fitness Training & Open Gym

Spin Studio, HIIT, Boot Camp, CrossFit®-style training and more.

Superior Athletic Performance Training

PowerCo Fitness Complex is a 38,500sf advanced, functional fitness training facility focused on training athletes based on known core principles that drive all superior athletic performance.

PowerCo Fitness Complex Performance Principles

Strength  |  Speed  |  Agility  |  Endurance  | Flexibility

Sitting on just over three acres, PowerCo Fitness Complex is an advanced, indoor/outdoor, high-intensity, athletic performance training facility, designed by PowerCo Development Group, to challenge athletes of all fitness levels. The PowerCo Fitness Complex Indoor Training Center with approximately 38,500sf under roof and the massive PowerCo Outdoor Obstacle Course Racing Grid (POG), PowerCo Fitness Complex is not simply another gym or health club. We are an Olympic-style training center designed to push each PowerAthlete to his or her physical and mental limits.

PowerCo Outdoor Grid (POG)

Experience the joy of outdoor speed and strength training again. The PowerCo Fitness Complex Outdoor Obstacle Racing Grid (POG), with its 150M obstacle course, stair, hill and rope climbs, as well as the outdoor track and turf section, will challenge the nation’s fittest athletes. Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) athletes train like they compete. Sitting on the southern section of our three (3) acres, PowerCo Fitness Complex Members will be able to train outdoors without ever leaving the safety of the gated complex.

Advanced Spin Studio

Experience a revolution in our Spin Studio. Our LifeFitness IC8 Spin Cycles provide the latest technology in ergonomics and reporting features. Each of our classes is limited to 20 members to maximize Instructor-Member ratios while preserved space between each Member. With a planned 6 feet between riders, the days of being crammed into a congested spin studio are gone. Your safety and well being are our top priorities.

Spin Studio & Group Training

Elite athletic performance training begins with the ultimate functional strength training facility to develop every PowerAthlete. With an incredible variety of programming,

PowerCo Fitness Complex offers cutting edge group training options including spin, HIIT-style training and a variety of custom-designed group training to accelerate athletic performance.


Mixed Martial Arts - Open Mat

Located on the 8,500sf mezzanine, the PowerCo Fitness Complex Power Dojo, with three (3) full size 42ft x 42ft wrestling mats, serves our Members for a variety of mat-sport training, including wrestling, Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and other sports required dedicated mat space. Open mat time available.

Wrestling Club & Training

Members enjoy personalized wrestling technique and strength training for the ultimate competitive advantage. Join our club for competition events, post-season training and preparation for the following year. PowerCo Fitness complex will help you get to the top of the podium.

Russian Kettlebell Fitness

Build PowerCo Fitness with our dedicated Russian Kettlebell (RKB) Training. Group training classes for Beginners focus on learning perfect technique and safety. Advanced classes focus on power and conditioning. Our expert team will take you to your next level of fitness and competition with high-intensity group training.

Speedwork & Sprint Training

Experience speedwork and sprint training at its finest. Athletes train on our indoor indoor turf track, mechanical treadmills and over 16,000sf of turf in the PowerCo Fitness Complex outdoor training grid (POG). Track athletes improve performance through personalized training, expert coaching, and state-of-the-art timing systems to quantify training results. Speedwork training algorithms are designed for each athlete to help improve your form and efficiency build muscle, recruit and develop fast-twitch muscle fiber and shatter plateaus.

PowerYouth Performance

Our PowerYouth Program is a proven, supervised training regimen to help young athletes train, compete, and reduce the likelihood of injury. Designed to build strength, speed, agility, athletic performance and confidence for young athletes from age 10 and up, our expert youth fitness coaches use best-practices to safely introduce our youngest athletes to an athletic lifestyle. High-school athletes train for purpose, competition and aim to shatter state and national records.

Cryotherapy and Recovery Room

Cryotherapy, hydromassage and the very latest in our CryoRecovery Room to speed the athletes post-workout recovery process.

Members enjoy discounted rates for all of our recovery therapies.

Where The PowerCo Athlete Trains To Win

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Training Begins Spring 2021